Sunny Days’ Zhang Bichen wins “The Voice of China”

Sunny Days’ Zhang Bichen wins “The Voice of China”

Did anyone see that coming? The newest winner of The Voice of China is a female singer who was trained by a Korean entertainment company, and even promoted two singles in Korea.

Zhang Bichen (張碧晨) is the winner of the third season of The Voice of China. Born September 10, 1989 in Tianjin, China, Bichen was first introduced to Korean culture in the mid-2000s. She travelled to Korea as an exchange student in 2009, and successfully auditioned into Haeun Entertainment a year later. Bichen underwent three years of training before debuting as a part of Korean girl group Sunny Days in 2013. During her years at Haeun Entertainment, she also won the award for the best Chinese singer at the 2012 KBS K-Pop World Festival. Her time as a Sunny Days member was short-lived. She left the group mid-2014 to pursue her solo career, and in July 2014, she was seen on Chinese television auditioning for The Voice of China.

I wish I could say I had followed the entire season, so I could write about China’s general reaction to a Korea-trained singer being so successful on their singing reality show, but I hadn’t, and if I were to be honest, The Voice of China isn’t quite as entertaining as the first few scenes of America’s version of the show. But perhaps that’s because I don’t understand a lot of their Chinese music references.

However, I do know that Bichen was criticized after her audition, with comments saying she sounded like sang “with something stuck in her throat”, and her singing style sounded too Korean. She even had to deny ever getting plastic surgery while training in Korea. I also assume she received criticism for having EXO-M member Lay recording a support video for her too, but that really isn’t her fault.

In any case, Zhang Bichen achieved tremendous success just by appearing on this show. There will be anti-fan’s – especially Chinese fans who are against the Hallyu wave – but it’s worth noting she became the winner of the show all on her own. That deserves to be applauded! This may be a great step for Chinese audiences to finally accepting various singing styles in Chinese music.

I’ve compiled all of Bichen’s The Voice of China performances into one handy dandy post. I will try to put these in order of performance, but seeing I never followed the show, do correct me if they are not in order! Enjoy!

“She Said” (她說)
– Original by JJ Lin
– Televised July 25th, 2014

“To Have You On This Road” (一路上有你)
– Original by Jacky Cheung
– Televised August 29th, 2014

“That Man” (那個男人)
– Original by Aska Yang
– Televised August 29th, 2014

“My Destiny” (愛你的宿命)
– Original by Lyn
– Televised September 26th, 2014

“The Continent” (後會無期)
– Original by G.E.M. Tang
– Televised September 26th, 2014

Backup video: http://dai.ly/x27o9qm

“Better To Miss You Than To See You” (相見不如懷念)
– Original by Na Ying
– Televised October 7th, 2014

“I Only Care About You” (我只在乎你)
– Original by Teresa Teng
– Televised October 7th, 2014

“A Dream” (夢一場)
– Original by Na Ying
– Televised October 7th, 2014

“Where Did The Time Go” (時間都去哪兒了)
– Original by Wang Zhengliang
– Televised October 7th, 2014
– Winning performance

Backup video: http://dai.ly/x27o9g4