T-ARA to remake Chopstick Brothers song “Little Apple” for November comeback

T-ARA to remake Chopstick Brothers song “Little Apple” for November comeback

“Gangnam Style”? Try “Little Apple”.

Following the announcement of signing a multimillion contract with a Chinese management agency, T-ARA has announced that they will be doing a cover of Chopstick Brothers’ popular song “Little Apple” for release on November 6, 2014.

“Little Apple” has the status of being China’s own “Gangnam Style” – a song that went viral through all demographic groups – so this will be an interesting collaboration. Check out the original music video (which stars Korean actress Bae Seulgi), it already seems similar to the usual catchy music T-ARA releases!

Chopstick Brothers, originally two filmmakers from Beijing, only came to fame in 2010, when one of their short films “Old Boys” went viral. Two of their most popular short films are Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Daughters, both of which feature their most well-known song, “Father”. The song was covered by SM Entertainment’s Chinese soloist Zhang Liyin earlier this year as part of the Mad for Music TV show. We have included her performance and more articles on this famous Beijing duo below.

Correct us if we are wrong, but this will be the first time a popular K-Pop artist will be releasing a cover of an original C-Pop song as a title track! You can analyze this in two ways: 1) That C-Pop still needs popular K-Pop artists to do covers of their local songs in order for them to achieve global popularity, or 2) C-Pop has developed enough that K-Pop companies companies have noticed original Chinese songs can be financially profitable in an increasingly international K-Pop market.

Is your glass half-empty or is it half-full?


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