TVXQ and Red Velvet promote SMTOWN Live in Shanghai

TVXQ and Red Velvet promote SMTOWN Live in Shanghai

SM Entertainment released two YouTube videos of their artists promoting SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Shanghai yesterday. Curiously, the videos aren’t of the agency’s Chinese-speaking artists, but of two of their all-Korean groups.

Considering ticket prices range from USD$95 to USD$210, it’s really no wonder SM Entertainment released these photos to promote the concert. Based on Baidu Piao – the ticket seller division of internet conglomerate Baidu – only tickets for its cheapest section have been completely sold out.

If you’re a fan of Zhang Liyin, maybe you have further reason to not buy tickets. A rumoured concert setlist for SMTOWN’s Shanghai concert stop was leaked onto Weibo today. When the company held their first concert stop this past summer in Seoul, Liyin only performed one song. As a Chinese artist, performing only one song at the family concert tour’s Seoul stop is fairly reasonable, but the rumoured setlist indicates only one song has been slotted for Zhang Liyin in Shanghai. Similarly, there is only one song listed on the setlist solely for Super Junior-M Chinese member Zhou Mi.

So far, Shanghai is the tour’s only stop in China. The rumoured setlist is, of course, just a rumour for now, but if it were true, it makes one wonder how seriously does the company consider the Chinese market. If they were to take the Chinese market seriously, it would be a good idea to respect the huge population of Chinese fans their entertainment company has in China. And they can do that by catering their concert tour setlist for Chinese audiences, instead of duplicating the same one from its Seoul concert.

Ticket prices:

  • 580 yuan (USD $95)
  • 780 yuan (USD $128)
  • 980 yuan (USD $160)
  • 1280 yuan (USD $210)

SMTOWN Live in Shanghai rumoured setlist