EXO’s Lay & Xiumin, Zhang Liyin, and Tasty appear on “The Generation Show”

EXO’s Lay & Xiumin, Zhang Liyin, and Tasty appear on “The Generation Show”

SM Entertainment artists Zhang Liyin, Lay, Xiumin, and the Tasty twins made their first appearance on Shenzhen TV’s The Generation Show (年代秀) over the weekend.

As one of the more popular shows on the Shenzhen TV network channels, the variety game show was an opportunity for Zhang Liyin and the Tasty twins to showcase their talents to a larger audience. For EXO-M members Lay and Xiumin, it gave a chance for local Shenzhen fans to watch their idols perform live in the studio.

Originally filmed late October, the full episode aired November 22, 2014 on China’s Shenzhen TV network.

The The Generation Show format is set up as a competitive game between two five-member teams. The home team consisted of Lianlian, Shasha, Weiwei, Ma Xueyang (of idol group Top Combine), and Liu Yuxi; while the visiting team was made up of Zhang Liyin, the two EXO-M members, and the Tasty twins.

The first part of the show was dedicated to introducing the visiting team. Zhang Liyin sang a cover of Mariah Carey’s “My All”, which prompted home team member Shasha to say that she too could sing. When asked to sing an example, Shasha sang a clip of Liyin’s “Not Alone” instead. Zhang Liyin’s introduction was followed by Tasty dancing their way into the show. EXO-M members Lay and Xiumin showed their talents in piano playing and singing respectively. Notably, the two EXO members collaborated on a short version of JJ Lin’s “Back to Back Hug” (背對背擁抱), where Xiumin took up singing duties and Lay played the song’s melody on the piano.

As the only member on the visiting who cannot speak Mandarin fluently, Xiumin was given his own 30-second spotlight early on in the show. Without any assistance, he spoke hesitantly, “Hello everybody, I am EXO’s Korean member Xiumin. This year, my wish was to speak more, but it hasn’t been fulfilled. I am Korean, so my Chinese is not good. I am Korean, but my Korean also isn’t good. Why? I also don’t know, but I can say these words: I love EXO, I love you guys, thank you!”

Confused, the host of The Generation Show asked why his Korean is as poor as his Chinese. Xiumin responded and Lay translated, “Because we all live together, then he could take care of Korean members and use Korean more often, but when he’s in China, he can’t learn Korean anymore, so because the Chinese members’ Korean aren’t great either, so his Korean ends up being bad too.”

The highlights of the show occurred in the acting competition stage. The Generation Show arranged the teams to guess which two of the opposing five team members were actually doing an action behind a display wall.

The home team acted their movement first – the action of pumping air into balloons. Fortunately for the visiting SM Entertainment team, one of the opposing members, Liu Yuxi, accidentally burst her balloon, which made for one of the visiting team’s two selections.

The visiting team had to act out the action of cutting onions for the home team to guess. Compared to the SM Entertainment artists, the home team asked cleverer questions to improve their two guesses. When Xiumin rubbed his eyes after cutting onions, the home team quickly decided that he must be faking his onion chopping. But it seemed like the home team had underestimated Xiumin’s acting. It was revealed that he was one of the two team members actually chopping onions.

Other competitive stages on The Generation Show included: a dancing competition where Zhang Liyin and Xiumin paired up for a slow Chinese dance; a vocal app game where Xiumin competed against Ma Xueyang; hidden charades; and a competition where all guests were randomly chosen to complete song lyrics.

Although it looked like the 1.5 hour episode was trimmed down, the visiting team consisting of the five SM Entertainment artists won most of the show’s various competitive stages, and won the entire episode overall.

Fans can expect EXO make their next comeback next January, while Zhang Liyin has been rumoured to appear on Hunan TV’s I Am A Singer.

You can watch the full episode of The Generation Show subtitled in English below.