Hype around “There is a Place” amounts to a billion hits and MV breaks record

Hype around “There is a Place” amounts to a billion hits and MV breaks record

Rising Chinese star Wu Yifan has broken another record, this time for his second OST, There is a Place (有一个地方) recorded for the film Somewhere Only We Know (有一个地方只有我们知道). Previously, Wu Yifan broke the record for a million hits in the shortest amount of time for his first OST Time Boiled Rain (时间煮雨) in 3 hours and 25 minutes. But his second soundtrack There is a Place has exceeded it to achieve a million views in just 50 minutes. This feat also breaks a record set by Faye Wong who broke the record for Time Boiled Rain with a time of 3 hours for Rush of that Year.

Despite Chinese sites reporting that the music video for There is a Place has surpassed a billion views, it is in fact the hype surrounding the MV counted through microblogging posts and article hits, in addition to the MV views, that cumulatively amounts to more than a billion hits on the topic of the music video. Still impressive!

To celebrate surpassing a billion views, new images of Wu Yifan were released. Check them out below.

In more Wu Yifan news, the men’s magazine Esquire has named him Rookie of the Year in its “Man at His Best 2014″ edition. Wu Yifan was spotted in Esquire’s ad in street signs around Beijing. Can you find Wu Yifan in one of the signs below? He’s at the far right, seated and wearing a red turtleneck and black jacket.

In other important news, Wu Yifan’s second mediation with SM entertainment will begin on Friday, December 5th. In May 2014 Wu Yifan filed a lawsuit against former Korean agency SM entertainment to nullify his exclusive contract with the company.

There'a a Place surpasses a billion views

There's a Place totals billion views

There's a Place crosses billion views 4

Esquire rookie of the year ad


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