T-ARA releases behind-the-scenes videos for “Little Apple”

T-ARA releases behind-the-scenes videos for “Little Apple”

If there’s anything T-ARA promises us with a new release, it is that their new song will be a ton of fun.

T-ARA’s next music release will be a collaboration with popular Chinese filmmakers Chopstick Brothers. The song is the Korean remake of Chopstick Brothers’ “Little Apple”, though a new making-of video has shown that the Korean remake will also feature the original Chinese lyrics in its chorus.

The new “Little Apple” music video will have its official release on Tuesday, November 24, 2014.

T-ARA members Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Qri filmed the music video “Little Apple” at Yeouido Hangang Park on November 10, and Chinese media has since released several concept photos of the girl group filming with the Chopstick Brothers. Media have likened T-ARA’s concept

Fans of the MBK Entertainment family will also be happy to know that members from F-VE DOLLS will be making cameo appearances in the “Little Apple” music video. Promotional photos of Seunghee and Dani were released earlier this month.

T-ARA is expected to perform the song “Little Apple” for the first time at Chopstick Brothers’ Shanghai concert on December 27. For fans who can’t wait for the music video, they can now buy the new single from iTunes. Be sure to subscribe to T-ARA’s official YouTube channel as well.

The new single release follows T-ARA’s first Chinese showcase back in October where their company MBK Entertainment signed the agreement contract with Chinese agency Longzhen Culture Development.

With this new collaboration agreement, Chinese fans will soon have the opportunity to see T-ARA in various promotional activities in China, including a nationwide concert tour in 2015. T-ARA members will also have the chance to work in Chinese movies, TV shows, and product endorsements with the help of their company’s new partnership.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clips of T-ARA’s “Little Apple” below!

T-ARA Little Apple with Chopstick Brothers


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