UNIQ’s fan meeting in Beijing to be directed as a full concert

UNIQ’s fan meeting in Beijing to be directed as a full concert

Ahead of their Beijing fan meeting on Tuesday, newly debuted UNIQ held their first fan meeting in Seoul over the weekend where they celebrated their one-month debut anniversary.

The Chinese-Korean boy group will make their Chinese debut in Beijing on Tuesday evening. Fans can look forward to seeing the group perform their first single “Falling in Love” in Mandarin for the first time. Soundtrack songs “Born To Fight” and “Celebrate” will also be performed.

Although the venue for their Seoul fan meeting was smaller than the expected Beijing venue, Korean fans were able to receive autographed posters and greet the five members at an intimate coffee shop. During the UNIQ fan meeting, all five members hand delivered drinks to their fans, surprising many of the female fans in the audience.

After the fan meeting, all five members spoke to iQiyi in an exclusive interview about their feelings towards their upcoming Beijing fan meeting.

Yixuan said, “Everyone has been training really well. If you look at the training room, all the mirrors have a layer of condensation.”

Yibo described their recent schedule, “All this time, we’ve been part attending activities, part preparing for the fan meeting. In the morning – whether we are heading to make-up, or to TV shows, or to practice – we would always wake up at 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM. But the other day, we practised until late in the evening, until approximately 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM. So from the time we went to bed, we only had three to four hours of sleep.”

The iQiyi video also spoke of Yuehua Entertainment’s heavy preparation for the upcoming Beijing event. Agency managers have organized the UNIQ fan meeting to liken a full concert, inviting notable concert directors to assist in perfecting audio, video, and stage lighting technicalities for the event.

Meanwhile, all five members flew to Beijing on Monday afternoon ahead of their Tuesday fan meeting. A large group of fans were there at the Beijing Capital International Airport awaiting their idols’ arrival. Chinese media outlets iQiyi and Top Chinese Music were both there in attendance for interviews and media coverage.

The UNIQ fan meeting on Tuesday will be live streamed, so overseas fans can follow along online.

UNIQ fan meeting in Beijing

UNIQ fan meeting in Beijing

UNIQ fan meeting in Beijing


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