UNIQ and JJCC’s Prince Mak appear on “Idol True Colors”

UNIQ and JJCC’s Prince Mak appear on “Idol True Colors”

JJCC’s Prince Mak and the three Chinese members from new group UNIQ visited MBC’s “Idol True Colors” earlier this month.

Newly debuted idol group UNIQ had their three Chinese members – Yixuan, Wenhan, and Yibo – guest on MBC’s “Idol True Colors” alongside JJCC’s Chinese member Prince Mak. Since their debut three weeks ago, the appearance is UNIQ’s first promotion on a Chinese radio show.

The four guests were relatively quiet at the beginning, but hosts Zhou Mi and the two miss A members Jia and Fei helped keep the conversation flowing throughout the show.

JJCC member Prince Mak nervously introduced himself first, using his Chinese name Mai Hengli as well as his nickname “Xiao Mai”. When Zhou Mi noticed Prince Mak’s unique Mandarin accent, the JJCC member explained his parents are from Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Zhou Mi admitted that he had already known this because Prince Mak had introduced himself using Cantonese at a prior event.

When the three UNIQ members introduced themselves, all three radio hosts were stunned to discover Yibo was born in 1997. Jia teased Fei, “Fei Fei, there’s a 10 year gap between you two!” When Zhou Mi feigned surprise at Fei’s age, Fei was quick to respond, “You’re one to talk, the gap for you is 11 years!”

It was also revealed during introductions that JJCC member Prince Mak and UNIQ member Yixuan had known each other prior to debut. They had met when Yixuan travelled Australia to learn under Parris Goebel, the choreographer for Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga”. Yixuan stayed with Prince Mak during that time, and in turn, when Prince Mak was in Beijing, he stayed at Yixuan’s house.

The four guests then showed their individual talents. Prince Mak sang a song with his guitar; Yixuan solved a Rubik’s cube under 50 seconds; Wenhan imitated various popular Chinese singers; and Yibo danced freestyle at the studio.

To get to know these two young idol groups even further, “Idol True Colors” split the four guests into two groups. miss A’s Jia was sorted with JJCC’s Prince Mak and UNIQ’s Yixuan, while miss A’s Fei led group of Wenhan and Yibo. The two groups were to compete in a game where they try to name a country’s flag. Zhou Mi remarked that Jia seemed to have an advantage because both Prince Mak and Yixuan have both travelled overseas, but Yixuan denied any talent in memorizing national flags.

The next “Idol True Colors” episode will see the four guests compete against each other, talk about their family members, and discuss their favourite meals in Korea. For JJCC’s Prince Mak, it looks like he will tell a story about Asian superstar Jackie Chan!

Fans can expect UNIQ doing more promotions in China this month. The group will make their Chinese debut at their Beijing fan meeting on November 25. After promotions in China, UNIQ will make a Korean comeback in the new year.

UNIQ and JJCC Prince Mak on Idol True Colors