EXO, Wu Yifan, After School, UNIQ at New Year’s Eve concerts

EXO, Wu Yifan, After School, UNIQ at New Year’s Eve concerts

Happy New Year, fellow readers! Many Korea-related artists were in China yesterday to ring in the new year, including Lee Minho, Song Jihyo, WINNER, and almost half of all SM Entertainment artists.

Some notable performances included EXO member Lay’s debut of a new solo dance song called “I’m Coming” and actor Ji Seokjin’s cover performance of “My Destiny” from Korean drama My Love from Another Star.

While the most watched show of the night was Hunan TV’s countdown event, Dragon TV had invited more Hallyu celebrities. Yuehua Entertainment’s top stars were big name guests at their concert. Korean girl group After School, who has a partnership with the Chinese company, performed a three-song segment for the network, while new debut UNIQ was able to fit in two of their latest songs.

As for Korean agency SM Entertainment, they continued to emphasize their Chinese expansion intentions by flying not one but four of their main acts to China for New Year’s Eve activities. Super Junior and SM C&C’s Tasty were guests at Jiangsu TV, while EXO and Zhang Liyin were guests on Hunan TV.

For your convenience, we have included the guest lists of all participating Hallyu celebrities, as well as their respective performance videos. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed out on any performances!

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Hunan TV New Year’s Eve Concert

Artists: EXO, Zhang Liyin, WINNER

WINNER — “Empty” and “Just Another Boy”

EXO — “Growl”, “I’m Coming” (Lay Solo), “Overdose”, and “Lucky”

Zhang Liyin — “Agape”

Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Concert

Artists: Han Geng, Lu Han, Lee Minho, After School, UNIQ, Zhang Bichen

Han Geng — “Wild Cursive” and “Clown Mask”

Lu Han — “Give Me A Kiss” (with Yang Zishan), and “Our Tomorrow”

Lee Minho — “Be My Last Love” and “Today You Will Marry Me” (with Amber Kuo)

After School — “First Love”, “Bang!”, and “Little Apple”

UNIQ — “Falling in Love” and “Celebrate”

Zhang Bichen — “Between A Kiss” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”

Zhejiang TV New Year’s Eve Concert

Artists: Wu Yifan, Ji Seokjin, Song Jihyo

Wu Yifan — “Time Boiled Rain” and “There Is A Place”

Ji Seokjin — “My Destiny”

Jiangsu TV New Year’s Eve Concert

Artists: Super Junior, Tasty

Super Junior — “MAMACITA” and “This Is Love”

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    Thank you so much for sharing the performances, I had missed some great ones. Happy New Year!

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    “While the most talked about show of the night was Hunan TV’s countdown event” it was the most viewed, but it wasn’t the most talked about if Weibo hot topics and searches are anything to go by.

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      After looking at the Weibo topics, you’re right! We have changed the article to correct. Thank you for the comment, and Happy New Year!

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