NU’EST reportedly banned from Chinese entertainment industry

NU’EST reportedly banned from Chinese entertainment industry

Recent rumours suggest Korean male group NU’EST has been banned by Yuehua Entertainment from further activities in China after their sudden contract cancellation in new Chinese drama Intouchable (男神執事團).

NU’EST was expected to join actors Zhang Ruoyun and Zheng Yecheng at a filming launch party on December 3 in Beijing. However, NU’EST members were not in attendance, and it is being rumoured that their Korean company Pledis Entertainment cancelled their participation last minute.

NU’EST’s management agency in China is Yuehua Entertaiment, which is one of the three companies co-producing the Chinese drama. The other two companies are Taiwan’s Playsure Technology and the Chinese internet video company iQiyi. Based on a popular Chinese manga, Intouchable is a straight-to-web series that will air next year on iQiyi. Other actors confirmed to appear include Huang Jingxiang, Liu Zhihong, and Ma Rui.

According to a Chinese journalist on Weibo, NU’EST’s contract to appear in Intouchable was suddenly cancelled only one day before filming. Even on December 1, there were still proof of NU’EST’s commitment to the project. The drama was also promoted as a Korean-Chinese collaboration, but in a recent Sina article regarding the drama shoot, it makes no mention of it being a Korean-Chinese collaboration.

Although the sudden withdrawal of NU’EST did not seem to affect the launch party on December 3, the retraction has reportedly made co-producer Yuehua Entertainment incredibly angry. The designated film schedule and the overall drama production arrangements will have to be changed due to NU’EST’s contract withdrawal.

The journalist, who has written publications for Chinese news site Sina, further explained that the sudden cancellation has affected many of the current talent already confirmed for the production, including the filming schedule of TF Family’s Liu Zhihong.

In response to Pledis Entertainment’s sudden contract cancellation, Yuehua has made moves to ban NU’EST and all other Pledis Entertainment artists from the Chinese entertainment industry.

There has been no word of whether or not the ban will affect After School member Nana’s current activities in China. She was recently cast in a Hunan TV drama called Love Weaves Through A Millennium (相愛穿梭千年), which is the Chinese remake of Queen Inhyun’s Man. After School is also expected to attend Shanghai TV’s Chinese New Year celebration event; their appearance on the show may also be affected.

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