UNIQ to film debut appearance for Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp”

UNIQ to film debut appearance for Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp”

UNIQ has done major promotions in China over the past couple of weeks, including winning their first major award as a group.

The month of December has proven to be a busy for new rookie group UNIQ. The five members attended two major award ceremonies in China, and will be attending their third on December 23.

On December 6, they attended the iQiyi Scream 2015 awards in Beijing, winning the award for 2015’s “Most Anticipated Group”. Four days later, on December 10, UNIQ was invited to the Tudou Young Choice 2014 awards alongside Fan Bingbing, Han Geng, Lu Han, and Hua Chenyu, where they performed both their debut single “Falling in Love” and the promotional single “Born to Fight”.

Although the Chinese-Korean group is currently experiencing a short break, their agency Yuehua Entertainment has already lined up a rigorous promotional schedule for the next week.

It was announced on Tuesday that the group will make their debut appearance on Hunan TV’s Happy Camp (快乐大本营), one of China’s most watched variety shows. UNIQ will fly to Changsha for the recording on December 21, and meet fans in the studio the next day.

Following the filming for Happy Camp, UNIQ will fly to Beijing for the 2014 Sohu Fashion Awards on December 23, and then attend a double-feature photoshoot for both Harper’s Bazaar and Harper’s Bazaar Men on December 24. On Christmas, the five members will spend it in China for a Cosmopolitan magazine photoshoot.

Finally, UNIQ is expected to end the year at Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve concert on December 31. There they will join fellow Yuehua Entertainment artists Han Geng and Bibi Zhou in counting down the new year.

Considering UNIQ only made their debut in October, the prestige of their promotions this past month has shown the influence of Yuehua Entertainment in the Chinese entertainment industry. Despite this, the members remain humble of their current position. In a recent feature interview with Sohu, when asked of how they could be differentiated from other idol groups, member Yibo answered, “We don’t think about the difference between us and other groups. We all trained for four years, and we believe in ourselves.”

Meanwhile, UNIQ member Sungjoo left a message for their Korean fans on Tuesday, indicating that the group will soon make a Korean comeback.

Check out photos from their Sohu feature below! We’ve also included a couple videos from the group’s latest public appearances.

UNIQ for Sohu photoshoot

UNIQ for Sohu photoshoot

UNIQ for Sohu photoshoot

UNIQ for Sohu photoshoot

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