Wu Yifan confirmed to star in ”So Young” sequel

Wu Yifan confirmed to star in ”So Young” sequel

During the Tencent White Paper Press Conference held in Beijing on December 26, Ke Liming announced that Wu Yifan will star in the sequel of the 2013 movie So Young (致我们终将逝去的青春).

So Young is based on the book To Our Youth That Is Fading Away by Xin Yiwu. The film gained 726 million yuan making it a huge box office success. The movie is the directorial debut for popular actress Zhao Wei, and it tells the story of a group of students that bond together by friendship, love and warring emotions during their years at the university and how they meet again after almost ten years.

Ke Liming, who is also the producer of the first movie, revealed to the journalists that the production company will start the plans for the sequel by the beginning of the new year. He said that they consider to make a series of films based on the idea of So Young, but they will try to develop the story further. He also revealed thet they are not thinking of naming the sequel So Young 2.They rather prefer to choose a new original title.

While Wu Yifan will be the male lead of the movie, there have been no revelations about whether the original cast or the director of the first movie will return for the sequel.

This is the fourth film project that Wu Yifan will participate in after he filled a lawsuit against his former agency SM Entertainment back in May. Wu Yifan stared in the movie Somewhere Only We Know and he is currently working on another two films that will be released in 2015, Xiao Wu Qiao Mu (雅望天堂) and Fading Wave (老炮儿).

While Wu Yifan continues to build succesfully his career in China, his lawsuit with Korean agency SM Entertainment is still on-going.

Source: Tencent QQ

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    i’ve read the novel, but i don’t really like it.
    i heard that there is rumor that wuyifan might get casted as Xiao Nai of A slight smile is very charming (novel by guman), i hope its true coz i really like the story, very excited for it.