Wu Yifan and Li Yifeng movie “Lao Pao Er” begins filming

Wu Yifan and Li Yifeng movie “Lao Pao Er” begins filming

Wu Yifan has begun filming for his latest movie Lao Pao Er (老炮儿) in Beijing.

Directed by prominent director Guan Hu, Lao Pao Er is considered as one of China’s most anticipated film releases for 2015. It stars legendary actor-director Feng Xiaogang in its title role, and two highly talked about actors Li Yifeng and Wu Yifan as the two supporting leads. The A-list cast will also include cameo appearances from Jiang Wen, Zhang Hanyu, and Zhang Guoli.

According to various media outlets, filming for Lao Pao Er kicked off late November, and production has been well underway for the first half of filming. The entire cast has been continuously on-set the past few days. It has also been reported that the actors will attend a conference on December 12 to meet the press.

Lao Pao Er tells of an old 50-something-year-old street punk called “Lao Pao Er” who has reigned over the Beijing streets as the neighbourhood kingpin for many years. One day, when his mischievous son causes a dispute against a much younger drag-racing street punk, he steps up to help defend him. “Lao Pao Er” then discovers that the younger generation of gang members have already named this drag racer as his successor, and he no longer holds any ground in the street world.

“Lao Pao Er” will be played by Feng Xiaogang, Wu Yifan as the drag racer, and Li Yifeng will portray the son of “Lao Pao Er”.

The movie’s all-star cast is attracting a lot of attention from Chinese media outlets. The lead actor Feng Xiaogang is an award-winning actor-director known for his work for The Banquet, Assembly, Aftershock, and Let the Bullets Fly. Other actors Jiang Wen, Zhang Hanyu, and Zhang Guoli have all previously worked with Feng Xiaogang on the Chinese historical film The Founding of a Republic.

At a recent event, cast member Li Yifeng remarked that prior to filming, he was quite nervous to act against Feng Xiaogang, but came to realize that the actor quite likes to make conversation, so he no longer felt nervous. When asked about the casting of Wu Yifan, Yifeng replied that he greatly anticipates meeting him and working with him. He hopes they could be good friends.

As this movie will only be Wu Yifan’s third major film since filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment back in May, the general Chinese public has been greatly anticipating his acting against the more experienced cast members.

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    It’s his third major film. He filmed a movie with Hangeng and Joo Won.

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