Wu Yifan and “Somewhere Only We Know” cast on the talk show “See You on Monday”

Wu Yifan and “Somewhere Only We Know” cast on the talk show “See You on Monday”

On January 11th, 2015, Wu Yifan and fellow cast members of the movie Somewhere Only We Know attended the launch conference for the online talk show “See You on Monday” held in Beijing. Along with movie director Xu Jinglei and actress Wang Likun, Wu Yifan offered his support to this brand new show by participating in a variety of discussions and games.

During the Yes/No game, Wu Yifan set aside his usual personal image of a man of few words and displayed his sense of humor. When asked by the host if he had any feelings for Wang Likun during the shooting of the movie, and whether he gave away his first kiss in kindergarten, his answer was yes. But when asked whether he has a girlfriend at present, Wu Yifan answered no and said that he is currently single, although he regards his fans as his girlfriends.

Due to the rule stating that whoever answers no to any of the questions automatically loses the game, Wu Yifan did squats while carrying the host bridal style as punishment, showing the audience his surprisingly great physical strength in the process.

“See You on Monday” aims for a truthful understanding of the entertainment circle, therefore the three guests took turns at a game of Truth or Dare. When discussing first impressions, Xu Jinglei admitted that back when she casted Wu Yifan for Somewhere Only We Know, she initially did not know who he was and selected him out of a bunch of pictures. However, when she met Wu Yifan for the first time, she was immediately attracted by the expression in his eyes. “His eyes are full of stories, a rare trait among artists of his age.”

As a young and very attractive celebrity, Wu Yifan claimed that he is flattered to be called so, and that he still has much to do to match this title.

While Wu Yifan might look cool and slightly distant on stage, director Xu Jinglei revealed that offstage, he is actually a humorous and lively guy who amuses himself and others with jokes. “Everyone likes him,” she said.

Xu Jinglei also pointed out that she would like to collaborate with Wu Yifan again in the future if given a chance. She believes that his potential is infinite.

Sources: Sina