Tofupost is a news blog about Korea-related artists working in China, and the effects of Hallyu on the country’s rising entertainment industry.

Korean artists have been promoting in China for many years, but it has only been recently when Korean entertainment companies have assigned importance to Chinese audiences and the Chinese market. While the “Korean Wave” (also known as “Hallyu”) has been popular in China for some time now, the Hallyu presence in the country has truly strengthened in recent years because of increasing online accessibility to follow celebrities across Asia.

Tofupost aims to follow these activities of Korea-related artists – whether they are from, were from, or associated with Korean entertainment companies – as they promote in China and other Chinese-speaking regions. We offer news updates and opinion pieces on Chinese music, TV and film productions that feature Korea-related artists, as well as events held in China that concern Korean pop culture. Ultimately, we aim to inform fans of Korean pop culture about the Chinese entertainment industry as a whole.

As a side, there will also be articles on the growing importance of the Chinese entertainment industry in the globalization of entertainment business.

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